Contribution 2016


Each member has to pay an annual contribution. The contribution is determined by the board and ratified by the general assembly.


The annual contribution for 2016:

Payments are made on the account of the BSVS 

( IBAN: BE19 4271 1609 5112 BIC: KREDBEBB ) 

 An active member and an associated member can reduce the contribution to €100 by signing a domiciliation.

A domiciliation means that the BSVS will automatically debit your account for the annual contribution. This transaction can be stopped by the member at any moment (refund-right, European law since 01-02-2014, SEPA).

A domicilation is easily started and stopped. To start your domiciliation you have to fill in a domiciliation form and send it to the treasurer of the BSVS.