There are different workgroups focusing on the scientific and educational items related to vascular surgery. The workgroups use the dutch or french language or can be bilingual. The different topics of the workgroups are represented in both languages. All members are invited on the meetings organized by the national board of the BSVS and to the meetings organized by the board of the workgroups related to there language.


Every workgroup:

Bilingual workgroup:

Belgian Young Flowmasters (BYF)

French workgroups:

Chirurgie Conventionelle et Exploration Vasculaire

Chirurgie Endovasculaire

Chirurgie Flebologique

Dutch workgroups:

Endovasculaire heelkunde en Vaatdiagnostiek

Flebologie en Lymfologie

Klassieke Vasculaire Heelkunde